Slovak for foreigners

We provide one to one or company team courses based on desired level of Slovak language.

Our offer includes the courses for beginers, pre-intermediate and intermediate students. For intemediate and advanced students, there is Conversation in Slovak or other courses focused on specific skill - writing, reading, grammar – due to specific requirements from the client´s side.

Fast Slovak

An express course of Slovak language. The course participnts learn the very basics of Slovak language necessary for standard everyday communication. The content of the course includes basic vocabulary and grammar while reflecting basic life situations. The participants will learn to express basic actions in present, past and future tense, count and use numbers, name basic qualities, ask questions, form answers and express negation.

The basic vocabulary reflects communication in a restaurant, in a shop, among friends and colleagues at work, phrases common in a phone conversation.

(course lenght: 30 hours)


Slovak language A1, A2, B1, B2

The courses – levels A1, A2, B1, B2  are designed according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) which has been compiled by the Council of Europe to develop international norms for language learning, teaching and assessment. The European framework contains six reference levels of language competencies covering the specified content of skills and abilities gained in each level.

Levels of the European Framework for languages:

Framework level Common Slovak for adults and teenagers Acquired language competencies
(2 semesters)
Beginner The student understands and uses basic expressions, creates simple sentences and can fullfill his/her own communication needs in a standard dialogue. He/she can introduce him/herself and ask and answer questions concerning his/her personal details (where does he/she live, who he/she works with, who is he/she a friend with, what is he/she doing, what does/doesn‘t he/she have.) He/she masters communication on the basic social level.
(2 semesters)
Pre-intermediate The student understands commonly used sentences and expressions that are connected with these areas: basic personal and family data, shopping, place and time, employment. He/she communicates in common situations which require simple and straight exchange of information. He/ she knows how to provide basic information including his/her environment and interests.
(2 semesters)
Intermediate He/she understands the essence of the standard verbal expression at work, in school, in his/her free time. He/she can cope with communication situations in travelling, can talk about his/her interests, experiences, about events in his/her life, about dreams and ambitions. He/she can express his/her opinion, attitude and plan, simply justify and explain.
(2 semesters)
Upper-intermediate The student is able to catch the essence of a complex expression in specific and also abstract topics including professional discussion in his/her own profession. Communicates fluently and spontaneously, allowing him/her to keep regular dialogs in Slovak without misundrestandings. He is able to write a text in different topics, explain his/her own view of the subject, consider the pros and cons.
C1 Advanced The student understand a wide complex of demanding texts with a wide extent and is able to understand also hidden meaning of the text. Fluently and spontaneously expressess hiss/her opinion without hesitation by the search for the right expression. He/she uses the language effectively for social and professional uses. He is able to write clear and well segmented text with more complex themes, is able to formulate and connect parts of a text.
C2 Proficiency The student understands any verbal or written expression. He is able to extract relevant information from a continouous text and sort them out, create new arguments in verbal presentation. He/she can spontaneously express also slight meaning nouances also in complex expressions.

Conversation training programme in Slovak (A2 - B1)

The aim of this course is to stimulate direct verbal communication and to extend the vocabulary. The lessons are compiled thematically. The course participants aquire vocabulary related to the selected topic and they learn specific communication schemes, as well. The students get space to express their opinions and attitudes, furthermore, they learn to use arguments, depict subjects and persons and tell stories. The theme of each lesson is based on quotations, various statements, extracts of short articles or film excerpts or according to your specific requirements.

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